Innerstave’s Binsert make “barrel” fermentation available to anyone

True barrel fermentations is a process that requires a lot of upfront cost and a staggering increase in labor. For winemakers that don’t startle from the words “alternative oak products”, there’s a new toy on the market that is worth your attention. Winemakers everywhere can now dabble with the concept of barrel fermentations.

Innerstave’s Binsert brings the barrel to your macrobin! 20 staves that are easily assembled to a steel framework. The product equals the same surface area (2.25 barrels) as if you were to use actual barrels. Setup appears to be simple enough and the final product weighing a mere 25 pounds. The staves are single use to yield their full extraction and a little hot water to clean the steel framework is all you need.

Winemakers looking to play with barrel fermentations should pay attention. This product eliminates the added cost of barrels, knocking off their heads, the added label and time involved and every other headache you hear about. This is an easy to get started with the idea and not change much, if anything, with your current process.

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